Brought the boat up to dad’s house in Soap Lake to store it temporarily with the travel trailer until I have a suitable location to park them both. Noticed that something was amiss when I looked at the travel trailer…

Battery cover was on the ground.

Hmm… strap was cut (you can just un-lash it), cables were cut (poorly), battery missing.

$125 battery, maybe $20 worth of cables. I should probably notify the police department. Wouldn’t expect them to do anything other than log the occurrence.

Soooo… let’s find the local non-emergency number for Soap Lake PD…

Its Google page link results in a 404.

Maybe the link I had available is outdated. (Strike 1)

I’ll just go to the city’s page then drill down from there.

Well, that’s additionally unexpected — it returns a default ‘bluehost’ unprovisioned page. Means that the hosting provider isn’t presenting a page or its DNS is misconfigured.

No idea how long its been that way. (Strike 2)

Okay, let’s just search again on Google for the “Soak Lake Police Department non-emergency number”. I prepare myself to simply say, “Hey, I know you guys are super busy, but I’d like to just report a petty theft so it can be logged.” Right, that’ll do.

Let’s give it a shot… **dial, dial, dial…** Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, “Goodbye.” **click** (Strike 3)

Uh… did its computer just hang up on me?

It wasn’t long ago that I’d commented that somebody had included on their receipts a number to dial for complaints/feedback. But the number that was included was a non-number (000-000-0000 goes nowhere except “the operator”). Perhaps Soap Lake has caught on and simply routed their calls to /dev/null to save themselves the troubles.

“We’ve had no calls? Really? Wow, we must be doing absolutely amazing out there…”

Update: went out hunting near Wilson Creek the following morning and was able to reach them upon our return.

We don’t need no stinking maps!

It’s comforting to have a figurative road map to guide your way in life.

Perhaps it outlines certain things you must do. Maybe a list of things that indicate success and clearly guide the way to the next step. Achievements to be made. By when.

But do you want to grow?

To really grow?

Step outside of your comfort zone. Well-outside of it. Leave nothing behind to which you can cling assuring you of a safe place to return.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll find that you’ve stepped so far beyond your own comfort zone that no map or process in the world can guide you.

And that’s good. Excellent, actually.

You’ll be defining your own processes and maps to let other people find their way to you.

With certainty, this isn’t for everyone.

But for some, it’s necessary. It’s critical to their growth. And when those few grow, it will help society and culture to find their way.

…aaaaand once again…

Once again, after a brief period suggesting success, the problem has occurred again. Another set of [Good Sam Club] membership cards we’ve received list my wife’s name incorrectly.


It is not “Love Shirley”, nor “Lovey Shirley”, nor the latest, “Love Shurty”.

They’re arriving to our address correctly. And even list the membership dates correctly. It’s just that (annoyingly) somehow my wife’s name is periodically changed.

The Saga Continues