8th Birthday

Birthday number 3 on the road. Myrtle turned 8 last Friday. We are staying on Amy’s property in Colorado. We have yet to miss sharing a birthday. This reminds me that I have yet to get a photo of the 3 of us girls this year.

I wrote a long note in 2009 on Facebook about who Amy is and how we got to here. She has been many things to us, to me. 18 year long friendship, past business partner, family, traditional surrogate mother to my daughter.

After 10+ years of failure in my attempts at becoming a mother she stepped in to make that happen. Her sacrifice helped make way for my body to work only once in creating and carrying to term my second gift, Odin.

What does this have to do with our RV journey? The fact that we have as much flexibility in our lives to park for 3 weeks in their driveway, spent quality time without interfering with normal life for anyone. We can choose where we want to be, when we want to be there.

Recycling Center

Took advantage of the break in the rain (in a desert, I know… it’s bizarre) to do some necessary tow-vehicle maintenance: oil and coolant change in preparation for the trip south then east. Above, a quick stop at the Grant County landfill in Ephrata, WA to drop off the used waste.

We’ll also need to flush and fill the transmission fluid and replace its filter, too. Not sure the weather is going to hold, so it might be a rainy or even a snowy-day job this weekend or next!

18 Meters and 10 Tons

We don’t like overnighting in parking lots. But, when there are lots of miles to go and limited days to be someplace, our long travel days sometimes end at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or a Home Depot.

Tonight, it’s the Home Depot in Davenport, Iowa.

We’ll get Ohio on another trip, but we’ll pick up Minnesota on the drive to Sioux Falls tomorrow.

In other news, today was the first day pulling the new mega-bunkhouse. (Doing the final checks, in the rain, above)

It’s big.

Really big. (Side by side with the Jayco)

We’re nearly 60ft long now, and, at the moment, 20,000 lbs. – probably a touch over. We’ll be about 1,500 lb. heavier when we empty our storage unit.

The 2002 SRW/2WD Duramax does pull it, and at a reasonable speed, too. Though mileage would improve slightly if we set the cruise a bit slower.

Life is What Happens…

…when you’re busy making other plans.

We’ve found ourselves preparing for a previously-unscheduled trip up to Washington to visit with family who’s received some quite unpleasant health news.

Alas, we’re not in our full-time RV, and still have the house to address and all the things that go with it, but we’ll be making the best of it with our little Jayco.