The Myalgia

…on our last episode.

The sensation of headache pain, I’d sometimes have in muscles in my shoulders usually. But, head, neck, upper arms, flank.

Pain, yes, but not “weakness” as I’d have associated with myalgia.

Perhaps what I’ve been experiencing for so long was simply my own interpretation of the “weakness” part of myalgia.


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The Headaches?

…on our last episode.

The headache pain? For me, trivial. Very mild — yes, I had migraine headaches — but compared to the descriptions of other patients had, where headaches where so debilitating, they’d rate the headache pain as an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

For me, typically about 4 on the same 1-10 scale. Tolerable.

But the other stuff was different.

Scary even.


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The Beginnings

I’ve had chronic migraines for decades.

I started to experience migraines initially when I was perhaps 12 or 13 years old.

They progressively, but slowly, worsened — becoming more frequent over the next 30 years.

They were occasionally severe — debilitating, even: vision and intestinal mostly.

In time, I started to become more aware of what, for me, would eventually be a predictable progression of its prodrome. The prodrome could last several days — leading to the eventual “migraine headache”.


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Reviewing Some History

I’ve spent a bit of time over the past several days re-reading some of the earlier posts on

I’d noticed a few things.

  1. There was a distinct change from the TBI incident (nearly two years ago). Something’s changed. I’m not the same. I can’t precisely pin down what, exactly, is different. But things aren’t the same.
  2. In the earlier days, I was rather vocal about the concept of individual liberty. I still am. Very much so. I just don’t have the motivation to speak (okay, type) quite as concisely as I used to. Perhaps that was the time period that marked the height of my writing.
  3. Sometimes, YouTube clips that I’d linked to have been purged. Time passes. People delete things. Understandable, but…
  4. Any links to mainstream media types (articles, video, etc) are far more likely to have been purged. Far more likely.

Eh, it’s probably nothing.


*I don’t speak very often anymore. I used to jokingly and semi-seriously quip “I have a face for radio!” After about August, 2018, I very much have a voice well-suited to blogging.

**Also, of course, over time, I’d included a few posts from other assorted blogs that my wife and I had while we continued our shared journey with RV Life and Unlocating. We had and (don’t go to either, they’re now controlled by squatters), but I captured and imported them here. At some point, I’ll see about tagging those posts so they can be more readily separated.