…short-term remembery loss.

I suffer from short-term remembery loss.It was entertaining when I first saw Dory in Finding Nemo. It was slightly more amusing when I saw the backstory in Finding Dory.Now that I live it, it’s hilarious.Frustrating, yes.But I can’t change it, so I might as well embrace the humor.I’m not at all “Ten Second Tom” level… Continue reading …short-term remembery loss.

Handicap? Just Handy, Thanks

I refuse to think of myself as “handicapped” — nor any other variant of the word. (handi-capable? differently-abled?) Yes, I now use a cane every now and again — and with a regularity and at times that most people likely wouldn’t comprehend. Yes, I’m still finding a way to work with the limitations that were… Continue reading Handicap? Just Handy, Thanks

…but what do you DO?

While I’ve spent pretty much the entirety of the last five or six months recovering and coping with my severe TBI, I sometimes have questions from people, “…but what do you do for a living?” I was a Principal Operations Engineer for Pearson. We were pioneering a legacy integration with an established containerization concept with modern/updated… Continue reading …but what do you DO?