…but what do you DO?

While I’ve spent pretty much the entirety of the last five or six months recovering and coping with my severe TBI, I sometimes have questions from people, “…but what do you do for a living?” I was a Principal Operations Engineer for Pearson. We were pioneering a legacy integration with an established containerization concept with modern/updated… Continue reading …but what do you DO?

TBI Challenge The n-th

Hearing issues. Not hearing loss, mind you. But sensitivity to sound along with the inability to distinguish direction of certain sounds. When I awoke, my hearing was simply gone, which was easy to explain. I couldn’t hear. People understood that. Yes, it was problem enough. And in a few weeks it became manageable for a… Continue reading TBI Challenge The n-th

Well, That’s Insulting

The camera controller that I was installing — the very same one with which I was working on that fateful night that I took my nearly fatal, forever life-changing fall — has stopped working. Dare I say, it’s crashed spectacularly. No video output over HDMI. Nothing responding on the network. Oddly, it’s not even reporting… Continue reading Well, That’s Insulting

Double Vision reduced by almost half!

Just noticed this morning that my double vision (diplopia) is reduced by almost half! Since I became aware, I’ve been fighting with diplopia in the left, upper quarter of my vision – probably from some issue with a cranial nerve palsy or problem with the optic chiasm –  but not quite anymore. I’ve another check in… Continue reading Double Vision reduced by almost half!