Terms that Need to Die

Just a few of the phrases that are either misused, overused, moronic, or otherwise have begun to piss me off:

– ginormous: It’s either gigantic or enormous. Not both. I don’t care if it made it into Merriam Webster’s dictionary. Just stop it.

– prosumer: If you’re a professional, you’re a consumer. However, a consumer is not necessarily a professional. I blame marketing departments for this one.

– tight: The only place I ever want to hear this word again is when referring to nuts, bolts, and the cap on the ketchup bottle.

– hater: Based on the ages of the people alive today who use this term, I doubt any of them can really comprehend what “hate” means.

– hate-speech: When some uptight a-hole pulls this one out, what they’re really saying to people is, “You can have any opinion you want… as long as it’s mine.”

– intelligent-design: Knock it off.

– carbon offsets: It’s not the term itself that gets overused — rather, it’s the concept that’s meaningless. Here’s a tip: the only way to actually reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce your usage; you can’t pay somebody else to use less on your behalf.

– war on terror: just… stop… it. You cannot have a war against an idea. Unless, of course, you’re willing to annihilate that idea and everyone who believes in it, supports it, and condones it. But we all know that’s not going to happen.

Sure, there are more, but these are the only ones that are irritating me at the moment.

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