Friday Entertainment

Something to think about on your Friday. This was forwarded to me from a coworker — kind of a “friend of a friend” thing. Names changed to protect the, uh, participants. We’re kind of co-supervisors, He helps keep me sane…


Steve: I hate my gay job so fucking much. Next to Crack Whore, we have the next worst job ever.
Joe: I think your wrong… Crack whores have expectations… “Get wasted, fuck for money” pretty much the job description is it’s title… I wake up every morning with no clue how someone is going to try and fuck me over, how often, how much I’m going to deal with from my asshole employees… It’s a crap shoot.
Joe: Can’t quite explain how unmotivated I am today…
Steve: Crack Whores also have pimps who stand up for them when a client gets out of line. Not to mention that they get paid hourly and for oncall after hours. I’d rather wake up with a torn asshole then a broken spirit. Where do I sign up?
Yeah, think about that a bit.

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