I’d wager that it’s not just an issue of truth and honesty, but it’s also an issue of choice.

Most people will make the easy choice for themselves, here and now, with no consideration of the impact that their choices will have on the future for themselves or others.

And, I’d like to echo Robb’s comments about the Gibson raid:

…what bothered me the most was that every single person who participated in the physical raid did so. They had enough people willing to kill other human beings over pieces of wood that a raid was possible.

That should scare the hell out of you right there.



Okay, this is going to sound odd: I’m a pickup-driving, motorcycle-riding, kilt-wearing, emotionally-detached yet sensitive, anachronistic, engineer and I absolutely fscking love Ikea.

The Lovely Mrs. and I can finally lay hands on some things that make better use of the very limited space in our tiny home and even make it somewhat more enjoyable for our not so tiny family.

Oh, yes, they’ll be getting a portion of our paychecks for the foreseeable future: living room, two office spaces, three bedrooms, a bath and kitchen remodel…

Damn you, Ikea. How could we have survived this long without you?

Jonathan Coulton said it best:


Lyrics in this one: