Wishful Thinking

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You know what they say about wishful thinking — it gets you nowhere. That’s why the recent news about the possible elimination of the ATF, to me, seems very unlikely.


Because it’s the US government.

Do you really think they would terminate all of the ATF employees?

Of course they won’t. Well, they may lay off some field agents, who will get jobs with local or state agencies. And they would reassign the managers and directors to other agencies and likely allow them to do the same kinds of work.

I envision them “disbanding” the ATF and simply reassigning the entire organization into a newly-created agency whose job is to do exactly the same kind of work, but with a kinder, gentler, politically-correct name. They’d probably call it something like the Citizen’s Liberty and Independence Team.

Overheard in An Office


No, not in my office, but overheard this little exchange at another company altogether, between two employees there: a woman and a man:

Him: Oh my god, is it ever okay to wear a mini-skirt and Fuck Me Boots* to the office? 

Her: If you’re the slutty secretary at an escort service, maybe. Otherwise, uh… no. And women wonder why they get treated differently in the working world. Jeez. 

Him: Hum, maybe that’s what they’re doing on that team: Sure, we can work a miracle for you. You want happy ending, too? 

Her: Well, they say you should always wear good boots when climbing. I guess that means climbing to the top of the corporate ladder, too.

I about shot coffee out of my nose.

* Pretty sure I knew who he was talking about and what he was describing: those leather, knee-high, heel things. Is there an actual name for those?