The Great Pacific Motorcycle Tour of 2012, Days 3 & 4

Obviously, it’s been more than a few days since there was an update and two days plus X days plus two more days don’t equal that many days.

Here are the highlights, though:

Day 3 was from Soap Lake, WA over to Everett then Whidbey Island via US2. Stevens Pass is a great ride this time of year.

I was planning on staying at either Fort Casey or Fort Ebey State Parks for a night, but they were both full. Ultimately, I made my way up to Deception Pass State Park and found that they were mostly the opposite of full.

I set up camp, enjoyed the sunset, had a warm dinner, then bedded down for the night… and just as I was dozing off, the phone rang. Work. Again. Fortunately, I’ve a wireless card for the laptop and it was a relatively minor issue.

It was an early morning to break camp and get all the gear packed back onto the Wee Star, then, a new, interesting rattle in the top end of the motor started.


That goes nicely with the cold knock in the bottom end of the motor.


Decided I’ll need to take her gently back over to Eastern Washington and will spend a few more days with the folks and the rest of the family; then will start limping toward home next Monday or Tuesday.

Fortunately, this also gives me an excuse to stay off of the interstates and at least explore some of the secondary highways on the way home.

As long as I don’t hand-grenade the motor along the way.