Sound Advice…

Except, around here we call that, “Any day that ends with the letter ‘y’.”

Quoth the San Bernardino City Attorney, Jim Penman:

Well, if I remember right, I told them [residents] to lock their doors and load their guns.

And that’s out of California!



That’s kinda like somebody from Exxon coming out and imploring people to buy solar panels and windmills because global warming is man-made.

My Evil Black Heart…

…feels a small amount of joy from the knowledge via the FedEx website that my newest rifle has finally shipped.

A small excess of joy also comes from the fact that it started its journey somewhere east of Wallingford, CT and is, at this very moment, within the borders of New Jersey. This means that it was quite likely that my military-grade Evul Black Rifle had to pass through the borders of New York without some clueless Only One or government-alphabet-soup-agency-type molesting it.

Let’s hear it for mail-order guns!