Home-built Generators!

Well, they’re sort of home-built generators… it just takes any unused gas mower engine, an unused but functional alternator, and the right physical connection to get them together. These guys have the instructions and the brackets.

Pretty neat in a geeky+redneck sort of way. (well, geeky & redneck are my kind of people after all)

Seen here.

I’m thinking one could easily rig up a cart to stack the generator & batteries on, and even add a medium-sized solar panel to the works with appropriate charge controllers.

Yeah, you could probably do better with commercially-available 2KW generator, but this way you’ll have the pride of taking some old, disused stuff and putting it to work.

I feel a winter project coming on.

Improve Your Wardrobe

Now that I have a chance to look a bit closer, there are a whole bunch of awesome shirts over there (and some that may require eye-bleach).

Maybe I should order a bunch.

Keep in mind, of course, that those cowardly leftist types will, no doubt, call the police and insist that they do something to that right-wing, racist, war/hate-monger, minding his or her own business while exercising their First Amendment Right.

High-Capacity, Bullet-Spraying Murder Machines?

Another winner from Mr. Colion Noir:


And, I’m sure this has been asked by many others, but while standing in the shower this morning, I found myself trying to grasp the anti-rights crowd’s logic. I wonder:

  • If firearms are such bullet-spraying murder machines*, then why do the police have them?
  • If they** were banned***, would they get to keep them?
* isn’t that what they call them?
** firearms or magazines over any arbitrary capacity.
*** good luck with that.