Overreaction, Again and Again

In Olympia, man walking with an umbrella triggers brainless, knee-jerk response in the locals: panic, stupidity, lock down of area schools, and a “manhunt”. READ

Couple of thoughts:

  • it’s Olympia. In Washington. State. It rains there. Sometimes lots. People use umbrellas to keep rain off.
  • the locals freak out about an ordinary, everyday object and think it’s an “assault rifle”… so they call in people with real assault rifles.
  • the usual show of force and herding of the populace ensues.

The mind boggles.

It just occurred to me that the ice-scraper/snow-brush thing I keep in my vehicle will likely, eventually, be mistaken by one of these mental midgets as an evil assault rifle. Guess maybe I should stop storing it in the rifle case in my car.