The Mountain Ahead of Us

When we start thinking through all of the things that need to happen for us to move from our suburban tract home into a new RV, there’s a bit of planning. Our primary tasks list starts out easy enough then start to grow:

  1. Come to terms with any necessary psychological and lifestyle changes. While this is only meant to be a year or two, we must enter this with the mindset that it’s a permanent change.
  2. Thin out our belongings. Sell things with value, give away to Goodwill those things that are still useful, and dispose of anything broken. Repeat as needed.
  3. Make work arrangements; can I telecommute full time? Or do I need to consider seeking employment relative to where we want to land?
  4. Prepare our house for sale or rent. We have so many things that we need to address before we can sell this house: I need to lay a new floor and trim out the basement; replace the fence; get some sort of consistent landscaping in the back yard; replace a basement floor drain. Those of you who live in small apartments and condos: we envy you greatly.
  5. Obtain or prepare your tow vehicle. Our little Pathfinder won’t tow the 7,500 to 11,000 lb trailers that we’re considering. We’ll need a larger tow vehicle.
  6. Order our new home. If we order from a factory, we’re told that it would take about six weeks for delivery. But what’s more likely is that we’ll need to check periodically with local dealers and be prepared to act on a model that we want when the time is right. That means we’ll need some sort of a financial plan ready to execute. Even then, we’re looking at a week or two for delivery.
  7. Make adjustments to the new RV to accommodate our family.

As we consider drilling down through each of those subtasks, we realize that there’s an absolute mountain of planning and work ahead of us.

And we’re completely confident that it will be entirely worthwhile.

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