Colorado Springs RV Show… FYI

So, we went to the Colorado Springs RV show last weekend.

We were hoping that it would be a good place to see RV-related vendors and products or even a reasonable assortment of RVs.

We were wrong.

A huge majority of the vendors were promoting goods and services that are unique to stationary, stick-built homes. Landscaping, gutters, back yard water features, construction services, home theater installs, sun rooms.

They had a small assortment of various RVs there. Two or three motorhomes, a fifth wheel or two, and a handful of travel trailers scattered between the interior of some random, nondescript, abandoned strip mall and its cratered parking lot.

The Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show at the Denver Convention center is far, far superior in my limited opinion.

And the Adventure Travel Show is still smaller than the Colorado RV, Sports, Boat & Travel Show (weekend after next) at the National Wester Complex in North Denver.