Can’t Leave Well-Enough Alone…

I’m one of those people who give nicknames to vehicles.

I had an old 1983 sedan that we named Christine because of all manner of strangeness with the engine.

My motorcycle is named “The Wee Star“.

My last Chevy truck — a 4×4 with no muffler and a big 350ci V8 — Beast.

The Pathfinder, because it actually pulled all of the things that I’ve asked it to: “The Little Pathfinder That Could”. Though it’s short name is Twuck.

Daisy asked yesterday if we should name the new truck.

“I suppose.”

“What should we name it?”

I thought for a moment, “UPGRAYEDD!”


“Spelled thusly. With two D’s, for a double-dose of his pimping.”

For those that don’t quite grok the reference, please see the movie, Idiocracy.

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