Why Spring Prep is Important

I mentioned that I did the spring prep on the trailer the other day.

But, after I posted that, I discovered a slow drip from the sewer valves. Not a place one wants to see a leak!

Closer examination revealed that it was, at least, from the grey side, not the black side. So, that’s slightly better news.

Yet further examination revealed that while water was dripping from the valve, it was collecting further up the drain line. That was odd.

So, I jacked up the back of the trailer and found that the 1-1/2″ grey line had split its entire length! Looks like a manufacturing flaw to me.

A quick trip to a local home improvement store for a length of new 1-1/2″ ABS and two flexible couplers, and here’s the repair:

Ignore the unsightly factory-wiring for the grey tank sensors there.

If you ever find yourself needing to repair some ABS lines, your grey tank probably uses 1-1/2″ (ID) ABS. You can use the 1-1/2″ to 1-1/2″ flex-coupler to connect pipes together, or you could even use the 1-1/2″ to 2″ flex-coupler to connect a pipe to the larger outer diameter of other unions, as I did here.

By the way, here’s the actual drain line after I cut it out of the trailer:

The split is not the white line that you see, but the very faint black line to the right of it. And, because it’s along the entire length of the pipe, I suspect it was a manufacturing flaw.

Total repair cost, including the gallon of diesel fuel to get there and back: $18

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