Winter’s Behind Us?

The weekly forecast says the lowest low will be 44F, with temperatures generally rising over the next seven days. That’s a good sign. Can I finally de-winterize the trailer? Again? For the third time this spring?

In other news, spotted at Jay’s place, I just read that GM is recalling some 2.7 million cars and trucks including the Silverado. Thankfully, UPGRAYEDD is two years older than the recall’s earliest model year. I certainly share his feelings about my tax dollars being well-spent to maintain a product.

This weekend, if it doesn’t rain horribly, I’m going to strip out a couple of feet of UPGRAYEDD’s low-side fuel hoses to replace them with actual fuel hose. A previous owner/shop-monkey/backyard-mechanic thought it was perfectly suitable to use heater-grade hose for fuel lines.

For short-term use, sure. You could. In an emergency. But heater hose is not rated for gas or diesel exposure. So I’ll be fixing that.

Also, if I can run up to Camping World (hey, who needs an excuse to drop by Camping World now and again?) I’ll pick up and install a screen door cross-bar for the trailer. That should make it easier for the kids to close the door.

Next on the list is propane. I have four tanks — two on the trailer, and two empties. I like to keep plenty on hand.

And, finally, because we’re winding up for some serious camping this year, we’ll be completely emptying the trailer into the driveway so we can inventory, organize, and repack everything where it belongs. It turns out that the whole ‘organization’ thing is kind of important when you have a tiny house.