On the heels of the previous rant about generators, we continue the story of our most memorable neighbors:

They roll through the campground and ask existing tenants if sites are reserved.

Drive their trucks across the medians between campgrounds.

Idle their boats on their trailers. Yes, really.

As I deployed the awning and raised the flags this morning, I watched one of them stagger out (yep, probably) at 7:30 with a 5-gallon gas can to fill up their 9kw noise-maker.

Turn around and see Bubba-J pouring a large portion of the contents from said can all over the ground between their trailer and their generator.

“Are you pouring gas on the ground?!” a passerby exclaims.

“Who?” he counters.

“You!” came the response.

“Oh, uh, I’m killing the ants.”

No, you ignorant moron. You may not drive your trucks through the state park grasslands.

No, you may not run your electric-making rattle-trap for hours past quiet time.

And, no, you may most certainly not kill ants by pouring three gallons of petrol on the ground in a very dry, stiff breeze.

It’s not even 8:30 yet.

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