iOS 10 and T-Mobile

So, I just received this text message from T-mobile:

Important message: If you updated to iOS 10 your iPhone may experience intermittent connectivity issues. You can temporarily resolve this by restarting your device. We will notify you immediately when an update is available.

No shit?

Had to reboot my iPhone and my iPad twice today.

Can’t help but wonder if this is a T-mobile issue… or if it’s an iOS 10 issue.

iOS 10 Wonky?

My only complaint so far about iOS 10 is the way they changed Touch ID. Press Home once to wake my phone. Touch home like I used to so it would unlock. Nothing. Press Home again, like it says, to unlock. It refuses and just shows me the keypad to unlock. Touch Home again, thinking that’ll fix it. Nope. Press Home one last time whilst saying “Alohomora”.