OSX (macOS?) is turning into Windows and is starting to do all of the annoying things Windows did that drove me over to Apple 12 years ago.Endless app updates.Requiring reboots after app installs – not just for the low-level OS updates.Never-endingly asking for my permission to do simple things.Sluggishness.OSX isn’t the only culprit. iOS is… Continue reading

Impostor Syndrome: You’re Doing Better Than You Think

So, here’s the thing…I’m 45 and a successful[1] engineer – and I’ve fought intensely with this throughout my entire life. From early grade school, through to today. Even now, I keep thinking that I’m where I am because I’ve been made part of some elaborate joke fabricated by colleagues and peers just to see how… Continue reading Impostor Syndrome: You’re Doing Better Than You Think

If I see one more product that claims they have anything resembling “customizable LEDs”, I think I’m going to lose my mind.All of this tech available to you and the best thing your designers, developers, engineers, and marketing departments have come up with is, “We’ve finally discovered how to put red, green, and blue LEDs together… Continue reading