Impostor Syndrome: You’re Doing Better Than You Think

So, here’s the thing…

I’m 45 and a successful[1] engineer – and I’ve fought intensely with this throughout my entire life. From early grade school, through to today. Even now, I keep thinking that I’m where I am because I’ve been made part of some elaborate joke fabricated by colleagues and peers just to see how far they can push the illusion so they could have a good laugh at my expense. I hope that’s not it, and yet I obsess with the possibility.

[1] Me: “I don’t think I’m successful. Maybe I shouldn’t put that word there.”

Yeah, but people tell you that you are – they respect you.

Me: “Maybe they’re just being nice?”

Maybe they’re being honest?

Me: “Maybe you’re in on the joke!”

Jesus, will you just click the Comment button already?

Me: “But what if…”

Customizable LEDs!

If I see one more product that claims they have anything resembling “customizable LEDs”, I think I’m going to lose my mind.

All of this tech available to you and the best thing your designers, developers, engineers, and marketing departments have come up with is, “We’ve finally discovered how to put red, green, and blue LEDs together and make different colors!”

Congratulations, you’ve caught up with 1972 technology!