Apple iDevice Plurals

Car -> Cars

Phone -> Phones

Simple enough.

iPhone -> iPhones

iPad -> iPads

Okay, still following.

But it really gets cringe-worthy when people try to pluralize the Pro part of iPad Pro or the rather long-lived MacBook Pro by just tacking an S to the end of the name:

MacBook Pro -> MacBook Pros?

iPad Pro -> iPad Pros?

No, those don’t work because they aren’t multiple professionals – they’re multiple MacBooks.

iPad Pro Devices?

MacBook Pro MacBooks?

No, that won’t do. But there is a perfectly suitable solution:

MacBooks Pro

iPads Pro

That said, I expect that in some future we’ll see somebody with an absolutely massive collective of iPads Pro for which we’ll need a collective name. Maybe it’ll someday be called a Fanboi of iPads Pro.