Double Vision reduced by almost half!

Just noticed this morning that my double vision (diplopia) is reduced by almost half! Since I became aware, I’ve been fighting with diplopia in the left, upper quarter of my vision – probably from some issue with a cranial nerve palsy or problem with the optic chiasm –  but not quite anymore. I’ve another check in with my optometrist in two more weeks and I think it’ll be entirely singular by then.

Still In the Fight

So last week, I learned that while I might be going “back to work”* next week, there are still a few formalities to address. The most significant issue to address is the neuropsychiatric examination.

“What in the world is a neuropsychiatric examination?” you ask…

This is the kind of thing that’s performed when there’s a question of whether somebody in sane or not – or if there are some deficits that they need to work on. Just because I’ve endured and lived through a Traumatic Brain Injury, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world has any confidence in my actual abilities.

Generally, a PSE starts with an interview to see what you’ve done in life, your profession, education, certifications–what is it that you’ve done (or what you think you’ve done) up until then.

Then they dive in with question. Lots of questions. There may be a classic IQ-type test (which I’ve done several of lately) or similar, or practical testing of judgement and higher processing capabilities: a driving test for example. And more. Many hours worth.

So, now I wait.

Or, rather, I wait until there’s a test scheduled.

Then I wait until the test day.

Then I summon all of the mental strength I can and participate and absorb everything I can from the experience.

I still have some fight in me – and I’m not giving up on anything.

*Back to work; part time initially – for a few months – but nowhere near the 70-hours per week I was doing previously. I don’t have the mental focus to sustain that.

Plus One, Minus Several

On the plus side: my double vision, while still double-ish, has greatly lessenend today. Or, to put another way, it’s still double, but not for long. I can realign my vision, mostly, and end up with a single view.


So, what’s the negative? My hearing—everything is overdriven. Badly.

Oh, and some peripheral neuropathy — or whatever it is that’s making my legs feel like they have the sensation of freezing, while at the same time they’re hot to the touch. That’s maddening.

So, vision is on its way to normal. Hearing is sort of becoming normal-ish. Can’t tell temperature at all.

Oh: and the camera -did- see the incident. I have the film. It’ll need some editing to make it meaningful. When I’m awake. Or, at least, when I have time.