CPU Load Isn’t A Performance Indicator

Ever. Let me clarify. While CPU Load has value, it's interpretation depends on a thorough understanding of what it's actually indicating and why. It's no longer meaningful as performance indicator, because it suggests a physical CPU's ability to keep up with some processing load. This is easily grossly misinterpreted and misunderstood. Why is this a… Continue reading CPU Load Isn’t A Performance Indicator

The one with an overbuilt solution…

Then there was the one about the overbuilt-solution. We were a "Microsoft Shop". Windows NT4 was in full-swing. Virtualization was in its infancy. Leadership discouraged the exploration of "best of breed" solutions. Making things more useful by simplifying them wasn't permitted. This often meant that the alternative was interpreted as "not Windows."Windows was "the only… Continue reading The one with an overbuilt solution…

Brutal Week, Appropriate Quote

We've had a pretty rough week, this, at the office. A number of small issues, several still unexplained, have affected various aspects of our production systems -- ultimately affecting our customers.Another engineer was asked to describe one of the rather long outages for upper management. He sent only this:"We experienced a stage one resumé-generating event."Lots… Continue reading Brutal Week, Appropriate Quote

Another Message for the OWS Morons

Spotted over at Peter's place (Bayou Renaissance Man), originally from Mary Beth Hicks comes some great thoughts for these OWS people:I can’t look at the Occupy Wall Street protesters without thinking, “Who parented these people?” I scratch my head and wonder the same damned thing every time I see one of them try to make a… Continue reading Another Message for the OWS Morons