…aaaaand once again…

Once again, after a brief period suggesting success, the problem has occurred again. Another set of [Good Sam Club] membership cards we’ve received list my wife’s name incorrectly.


It is not “Love Shirley”, nor “Lovey Shirley”, nor the latest, “Love Shurty”.

They’re arriving to our address correctly. And even list the membership dates correctly. It’s just that (annoyingly) somehow my wife’s name is periodically changed.

The Saga Continues


While I have used this blog as a sort of personal sounding-board, I admit that it truly lacks some sort of focus. Or, at least, a direction… something to give it purpose.

It’s been a place for me to share

  • technical concepts, leanings, and learnings
  • some admittedly narrow views
  • an exploration of a few hobbies
  • some home-improvements
  • life changes
  • personal changes
  • intentionally becoming house-less, traveling around the country, and sharing our learnings about RVs
  • making, and eventually embracing, fundamental changes; traveling to share it
  • taking a bit of a fall
  • more life changes

Sure, it’s all rather interesting to me, but I feel it lacks focus — something to bring it all together.

I suppose those might be distilled even further: Writings. Life. Learning.

Refined to:

life = change + learning