While I have used this blog as a sort of personal sounding-board, I admit that it truly lacks some sort of focus. Or, at least, a direction… something to give it purpose.

It’s been a place for me to share

  • technical concepts, leanings, and learnings
  • some admittedly narrow views
  • an exploration of a few hobbies
  • some home-improvements
  • life changes
  • personal changes
  • intentionally becoming house-less, traveling around the country, and sharing our learnings about RVs
  • making, and eventually embracing, fundamental changes; traveling to share it
  • taking a bit of a fall
  • more life changes

Sure, it’s all rather interesting to me, but I feel it lacks focus — something to bring it all together.

I suppose those might be distilled even further: Writings. Life. Learning.

Refined to:

life = change + learning

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