Getting a bit more challenging…

My soldering is improving.

This is a DSO 138 Oscilloscope that I assembled from a provided combination of discrete parts. The purveyors only ensured two required SMD* chips were factory-attached.

At the US$22 entry price, including the housing, it was a fun and affordable project.

If you take one of these on as a project, be sure to do its calibration before assembling into the housing.


I’m sure there are also 3-wire or 4-wire probe combinations that I can add on in the future.

Next: Maybe I’ll start on a QRP-Labs QCX transceiver and see about obtaining a CW paddle… or maybe just turn it into a WSPR beacon.

*SMD chips are so small that they are often beyond the ready ability of most kit-builders because; they’ll require specialized special equipment to make them visible and differing soldering techniques.

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