Winter has Arrived

I’d lived in Colorado for the better part of the last 30-ish years.

  • Westernmost of the Great Plains/Midwest region?
  • Easternmost of the Western states?
  • Eastern fringe of the Intermountain region?
  • Northernmost of the Southwestern region?

Eh, it was Colorado.

Not “in” the Rocky Mountains, but in the Metro Denver area. Either way, Winter wasn’t at all unfamiliar — snow was possible any time between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Winter isn’t unfamiliar.

But I’ve had a bit of a vacation from heavy-snow Winters and have enjoyed rather mild climates for the last few years: Central Washington (desert), Oregon coast (arboreal coastal rainforest), Arizona (desert), Florida (sub-tropical).

Now, back in the Rocky Mountains in Washington — more Rocky Mountains than Denver, but at the Northern end of the Intermountain region — there’s a bit of acclimatization to definitive Winter. Not to the weather. But to the social aspects of Winter weather: the snowy roads, populated cities, travel, moving around in traffic.

So, no, Winter isn’t at all unfamiliar.

But the way that a large group of people handles and reacts to weather is going to take some understanding.

Being back in a city is going to take more adjustment than I’d have hoped.

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