…on our last episode.

This is where migraine symptoms become annoying.

Visual issues were part of the predictable prodrome.

I’d go through a visual aura phase that would last about half an hour. I’d have to just sit and wait for it to pass. Scintillating scotoma, I think it’s called. In a pattern of something of a fortification spectrum.

The issue would begin at the fovea, then progress across one half of my binocular field of view. Bilateral.

Did I have an abnormality in my optic chiasm? Probably not.

Certainly, I wasn’t having a stroke. I’d have lost much more than that, and with my physical condition and general health, it’s unlikely. I wouldn’t say “athletic”, but I would suppose it’s better than average. Yes, even after The Year Of Hell.

Eh, so the vision — ongoing. Occasional. In time, it became β€œnormal” for me. It also became annoying as hell. I would learn to live with it.

I mean, I’ve been living with low-grade discomfort or low-grade pain for so long that it was effectively a lifetime of normality.


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Winter has Arrived

I’d lived in Colorado for the better part of the last 30-ish years.

  • Westernmost of the Great Plains/Midwest region?
  • Easternmost of the Western states?
  • Eastern fringe of the Intermountain region?
  • Northernmost of the Southwestern region?

Eh, it was Colorado.

Not “in” the Rocky Mountains, but in the Metro Denver area. Either way, Winter wasn’t at all unfamiliar — snow was possible any time between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Winter isn’t unfamiliar.

But I’ve had a bit of a vacation from heavy-snow Winters and have enjoyed rather mild climates for the last few years: Central Washington (desert), Oregon coast (arboreal coastal rainforest), Arizona (desert), Florida (sub-tropical).

Now, back in the Rocky Mountains in Washington — more Rocky Mountains than Denver, but at the Northern end of the Intermountain region — there’s a bit of acclimatization to definitive Winter. Not to the weather. But to the social aspects of Winter weather: the snowy roads, populated cities, travel, moving around in traffic.

So, no, Winter isn’t at all unfamiliar.

But the way that a large group of people handles and reacts to weather is going to take some understanding.

Being back in a city is going to take more adjustment than I’d have hoped.

The Myalgia

…on our last episode.

The sensation of headache pain, I’d sometimes have in muscles in my shoulders usually. But, head, neck, upper arms, flank.

Pain, yes, but not “weakness” as I’d have associated with myalgia.

Perhaps what I’ve been experiencing for so long was simply my own interpretation of the “weakness” part of myalgia.


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Which is it?

So which of the Apple accessories connected to my iPad Pro (that aren’t currently connected) aren’t supported? The Apple charger? The Apple Pencil? Or the Apple Smart Keyboard?

Seriously, those are the only things in the three years I’ve owned it that I’ve ever had connected to it.

The Headaches?

…on our last episode.

The headache pain? For me, trivial. Very mild β€” yes, I had migraine headaches β€” but compared to the descriptions of other patients had, where headaches where so debilitating, they’d rate the headache pain as an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

For me, typically about 4 on the same 1-10 scale. Tolerable.

But the other stuff was different.

Scary even.


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