Isolation Day 14?

Just because somebody says, “Everything will be back to normal in two weeks” it does absolutely not mean that everything will return to normal in two weeks.

If somebody says an emergency is going to take x-amount of time. Multiply by three. At a minimum. Two weeks becomes six weeks.

When faced with an unknown emergency, then add a zero.

About a year.

And with as much as everyone’s finances (and economies, globally) have been impacted, a year is probably the minimum realistic timeframe.

Also, those savings accounts that people have been amassing for “rainy-days” or “unplanned joblessness” or other health crises — this is rather difficult to hear and comprehend:

This is why you have a savings account. That’s what it’s for. The unexpected. The unplanned. The unknown.

Is it going to be wiped out? Quite possibly. Will you rebuild it? Eventually.


I just heard that the POTUS has extended the recommended isolation period to the end of April. That’s good. But consider that normality, such as it was, won’t return for many months. If ever.