Why do I still wear a facemask or shemagh when I go out in public?

This is why:

I’m not going to contribute to the increased risk for the public.

Epidemiologic curve of the infections in Spokane County since about 17 March.

Sharp rise. That was predicted.

Slow decline. Expected.

And just when everybody assumes (quite wrongly) that everything’s fine or that it’s only a hoax, we see another sharp rise in cases within the last week. A number of people firmly in denial about realities of the world have decided to get together and have those early Summer parties and gatherings. I’d wager we’ll see an even sharper ascent.

Somebody can be contagious and asymptomatic for a week or two, so if I’m infected, I’m going to take every reasonable precaution to not put anyone else at risk.

Yep, I’ll be one of those strange people who insists on wearing a mask whenever I’m amongst the public… for months to come.


And there it is. 155% higher than the previous peak at the beginning of April. The numbers for the past week aren’t complete yet.

155% higher than the previous high two months ago.

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