The Son of Gerber Incident

How in the world did I manage to break the tip of the #0 (#2?) flathead screwdriver on my multitool?

I do have a rather very vague memory of damaging it. I also know that it was perhaps a few years ago.

Was it around the time of my TBI? Just a few days before? Separating the sequence of events around that time is a bit of a jumble.

I can only assume that I thought at the time, “Oh, that’s annoying… could’ve been worse… I’ll fix it/order a replacement”.

Also, no, I would not have damaged it by using the screwdriver as a pry-bar. A screwdriver is a screwdriver and I know that hardened steel will break, not bend.

So, that’s two MP400s that I’ve damaged in 33 years.


Yep, I’ll keep this one. No need to throw it out. It’d be a good reason to break out the bastard file and see about shaving it down.

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