Sometimes the Project Picks You

I had quickly pulled all of the receptacles to tackle later, but stumbled into this little gem just before I left for the week.

<sarcasm> Gosh, I have no idea why electrical at this end of the house is wonky. </sarcasm>

Count the number electrical issues this single modern receptacle:

  • That corroded (1) wire is meant to be the ground wire for the 14/2 cable.
  • It’s connected to the push-in neutral (2) side of the receptacle.
  • It’s aluminum, into a modern copper-receptacle (3).
  • There’s a neutral wire not connected (4).
  • There’s a hot (black) wire that’s connected to the grounding bus (5) for the receptacle.

At least the wires that I can see are routed the correct way round the terminals.

I think I have my Friday project selected.

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