Extreme Independence

Yes, it is.

It can manifest in ways considered by many to be inconsequential.

For example, I will often insist that I can do some_task and steadfastly never ask another for help or assistance or guidance or opinion… to the point that it’s becomes self-destructive.

“Yeah…”, people will say, “that’s just the way he is. He’s just really independent that way…”

That extreme independence is the result of the combination of my own narrow-mindedness that I now attribute primarily to a lifetime of shaming and negative criticism that I’d received from a young age. After awhile, I simply accepted that I would either be tormented endlessly, or that I’d simply stop asking for help and set to figuring out a way to achieve whatever some_task I was interested in.

Tack on an unsettling degree of, what I’d find out many years later that we all cope with to some extent, Imposter Syndrome and… well… here we are.

Yes, Extreme Independence is most certainly a trauma response.

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