We Don’t Care

First, put a mask on.

Jonathan Pie, provided his own take during his ‘live report’ early-on in this whole fiasco, and I’d have a difficult time arguing with the veracity of his position.

I should get this, or an appropriate rendition thereof, printed on business cards so I can present them to anyone who argues with the realities we’re faced with.

Also, while SCC sent out their own update a few weeks ago about their updated mask/vaccination policy, the current order from Olympia (the State’s source) is more recent.

While we were, I’m sure, looking forward to not wearing face masks when we all returned to school/work this fall as learners or educators — even though we may be fully vaccinated — those various organizational guidelines are overridden by the new orders.

Because it seems many people need to have a picture drawn for them, I’m all out of puppet and crayons, but here’s a picture I’ve found for everyone:

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