Install Flash Player?

Uh, no.

Especially won’t do it because you’ve said it not once, not twice, not three times… but four effing times. And, there’s a clear flaw on what would have been a simplistic page itself.

So, no. I won’t be installing it.

And I’m quite pleased with the fact that the now default security policy is to not just run anything from anywhere.

We don’t need no stinking maps!

It’s comforting to have a figurative road map to guide your way in life.

Perhaps it outlines certain things you must do. Maybe a list of things that indicate success and clearly guide the way to the next step. Achievements to be made. By when.

But do you want to grow?

To really grow?

Step outside of your comfort zone. Well-outside of it. Leave nothing behind to which you can cling assuring you of a safe place to return.

It’s entirely possible that you’ll find that you’ve stepped so far beyond your own comfort zone that no map or process in the world can guide you.

And that’s good. Excellent, actually.

You’ll be defining your own processes and maps to let other people find their way to you.

With certainty, this isn’t for everyone.

But for some, it’s necessary. It’s critical to their growth. And when those few grow, it will help society and culture to find their way.

Well, that’s disappointing…

If you’re in it for the Long-Game, then these drops — in the short-term — may be disappointing. But if you’re committed to a long-game, then play it.

Will it change again?


By the way, if you have stock in only one or two of FB, AAPL, AMZN, NFLX, or GOOG (or FB or MSFT or any other tech) remember the very old adage: don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.


It may seem that I’m picking on Apple* here. I’m not. I’m just using it because it was the alphabetically first in my newsfeed.

Every stock has taken a hit.

And they will for the next few months at least. Disappointing, perhaps. But don’t let it discourage you when you consider, over the longer term, it has consistently shown an increase.

To summarize:

Don’t throw out the baskets you already have, but look at distributing your eggs amongst more than just a few baskets.

*Also, Apple seems to have accelerated their plans for rolling out the Apple Card. Will that change the date it’ll become available? No idea. But they certainly appear to have made efforts to increase its promotion over the past day.

Worth Giving a Try…

I’ve gone on a few times about some of the struggles with which I’ve contended around hearing. I’ll summarize the summaries:

Sound is a problem.

Too summarized?

Okay: sounds are familiar, but something’s not “right”.

I’ve recently started to wonder if part of the challenge is actually something of a hypersensitivity to sound. Apart from going through a period of deafness, so to speak, I wonder if that deafness was something of a neurological attenuation of sounds trying to bring them to appropriate levels for comprehension. Perhaps the initial concern that I’d made — that sounds felt effectively overdriven — may have been an accurate interpretation.

Now I find myself wondering if some mild-grade earplugs with a low NRR could be somewhat beneficial. I don’t need (nor want) a 32 dB NRR solution, which would be ideal for motorcycling or shooting sports. But it’s certainly worth giving something mild a go to see how it will impact my perception.

Permanent? I can also see that it would be as long-lived as my need for a cane has been. I found it inconvenient.

Hitting Rock Bottom?

Go have watch, and listen, and resonate:

…or a Shattered Assumption of the kind that blindsides you at 4PM… on a Friday… right before a holiday weekend… with family arriving to lazily and quite happily spend the week with you… while at the same moment, ambulances rush to take your broken body and very shattered life to a trauma center where dozens or hundreds of people work hard to save you. And you don’t have that realization until that groggy, amnesic period after awakening from the prolonged coma.

Oh… wait… sorry.

You know, a few years before that happened, I’d come to the conclusion that the best way to grow would be to step outside of your comfort-zone. Far beyond your comfort zone.

Detach yourself from any of the comforts one might enjoy in their daily life: restaurants, work, your home, people you know — even the city or nation that you know.