Safety Third…

Ideas first

Tools second

Safety third

“But John,” you’ll exclaim, “safety always comes first!”

No, it doesn’t.

You would not have even considered safety at all if you didn’t have the idea to begin with.

Ideas come first — they’ll guide you to attempting and completing them. They give you direction. Purpose.

“Well, surely safety comes next!”


Next, come tools. It would be folly to prioritize acquiring the “best of” every conceivable tool for every issue. Ideas will determine which tools you’ll need to make achieving that idea more efficient.

Safety? Once you have ideas of what you want to do, and once you have tools [to help get started, not “perfect tools”], then you’ll have to be aware of the risks.

I think I’ll have a meaningful sign made up to call those out. It’ll serve as a realistic reminder to help maintain focus.


Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I was nearly healed from a rather aggressive infection.

So, this is a bit of an update of a few of the items I was hoping to make some traction on:

-a work trip… Done and done.

Yes, we do tend to end up at meals out.

-rebuilding the primer/fuel filter assembly on the truck. Done.

-getting a mount/ledge assembled for my exercise bike. Done.

No idea why, but this particular bike doesn’t have a ledge of any kind on which to rest a book. Now it does.

-actually -using- said exercise bike (I nearly have the strength to do very brief rides). Done; and ongoing.

-rearranging my office. Need to rearrange it every now and again until I find something I like. Done. I rather prefer this particular layout.

-several more complex carpentry projects—think “furniture”, of course.

Eh, there’s the TV stand that I cobbled together from some spare, shop-grade 3/4″ plywood.  It was really a “How will I do? What changes will I make? To me? To it?”

-there’s a sailboat in need of being built—to say nothing, of course of the neglected sailboat whose hull needs to be reglassed. Yeah, no traction on either of those.

-wood floors need to be installed in the house. Nor on this.

-oh, and we’ll need to do a bit of house-hunting in a nearby, but much larger city. Yeah, about that: Looking is one thing. The next steps are selecting and making an offer, which can only happen after we do the same with our house.

Planning the Next Adventure

I went to the local specialty-lumber supplier and selected a quantity of material for a small boat. The shopkeeper looked at the order, then at me and said quite sure of himself, “Ah-ha! You must be building a boat.”

I was in no mood for smalltalk.

“No,” I responded, as deadpan as I could muster, “Spaceship.”

I stared at him for a moment, unblinking, and giving him just enough time to process my response. “I’m just trying to get home.”