Burning Man vs. Mad Max

Some years ago, when Burning Man was just a youthful idea, I thought it would be an interesting way to kill a week. Create some interesting art, spend a few days in the desert, meet some interesting people. Neat idea. Kind of a creative, temporary dystopia.

I’ve never been.

The reason I’ve never been is primarily because, from what I’m told, these days, Burning Man consists mostly of middle-aged men flaunting their sunburnt penises.

So, no Burning Man for me.

What, then, is the creative desert-dweller to do?

How about a Wasteland Weekend? Granted, it’s only three days, but it’s three days of Mad Max reenactment in the SoCal desert. Presumably, this one is everything that Mad Max / Road Warrior were on the silver screen… though probably lacking the rape, corpses on grilles, and heads on pikes.

This one, though, is marketed as an adults-only event. No kiddies allowed.

What’s the difference? We know there will probably be some degree of nudity and some amount of naughtiness at this one, which differs from Burning Man, where it’s often promoted as a family-friendly event, that turns out to be a bunch of old pervs pedaling through the playa on rusty old bicycles.

Yeah, Wasteland Weekend sounds much more entertaining. Official site is here.