Afternoon at the Range…

Back from the range. Lots of fun and found an interesting new target to shoot at from 150yds away — brake rotors from my wife’s 2001 Ford Taurus. Having the giant hole in the middle of them did make it a bit more challenging.

At the 4 & 8 o’clock, impacts from a 7.62x54R. The cluster from 4 o’clock to 6 is 22LR.
Another, from a bit earlier on but of the back side of same. We hit it just right a few times to flip it round.
Click for the full-size. The three shots from 2 o’clock down to 6 are entry impacts from a .223, so you can see what degree of damage it imposes. The large missing section at 8 o’clock is the exit from the shot at 4 o’clock in the first photo.
And the rotor at the end of the session:
And the back side:
That’ll buff out.
Next time out, I really need to get proper range measurements (a cheap rangefinder, maybe?) and get both my 10/22 and AR zeroed properly so I don’t have to spend quite as much time futzing around probing shots. It would also be nice to find better chunk of steel, too — or at least one that doesn’t already have a hole the middle of it.
Note to self: order new rotors for the wife’s car.

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