Thankful Gunny Goodness…

I’m thankful for my debit card, online ordering, and ability to have delivered to my door with no background check*, military-grade assault weapons.
Check out what shipped today and will soon be joining the other healthy, happy residents in my safe…
Well, okay, it’s not military-grade by today’s standards, but a flintlock certainly met that description when the greatest nation in the history of the world was created.
I’m a right rebel, I am.
So, now to find a good source for .50 cal. lead round ball — or maybe a source of bulk lead and dies to make my own.
*Yes, this is all legal for muzzleloaders. Excepting, of course, those brain-dead municipalities where one can’t own any firearms. Did I also mention that I’m thankful I don’t live in one of those places?

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