Ignorance of the Past and All That…

A short segment with a warning from somebody who survived WWII in Austria:

Oh, and regarding the little subtitle near the end about electing our leaders: yes, it’s true that we do elect leaders here — but it depends entirely on how you define “elect”. After all, if voting actually mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it.

Schools Are the Problem — A BIG Problem

Yes, they really do dumb-down absolutely everyone — seems to validate the suspicions I’ve had for decades. Go read.

Oh, and there’s the quote of the day (from three days ago) spotted at Kevin’s (originally from here):

Something has gone terribly wrong with the modern world, and public education is at the heart of the problem.


I’ve been dealing with public schools in one form or another for better than three decades. I’ve watched from different perspectives over those years — quite helplessly, it feels — as both a victim of and then as a parent of victims of the schools — as the caliber of education has plummeted and the products those educators’ efforts has become less capable of simple independence.

The solution? Get the hell away from public schools. Private schools aren’t much better. Take the responsibility for and make the time to educate your children yourselves.

Your kids will be doomed if you don’t.

High Tech From the Past

Over at Pissed’s, a technological blast from the past: an old Popular Science newsreel describing the process needed to create a single Popeye the Sailor cartoon episode.

What I find most fascinating is the incredible level of effort that went in to creation of one eight minute cartoon. The number of people, specialized equipment, space — amazing.

And now, single, dedicated person with a suitable skillset and a Mac can do the same thing from the comfort of an easy chair in their own living room.