Overreaction, Again and Again

In Olympia, man walking with an umbrella triggers brainless, knee-jerk response in the locals: panic, stupidity, lock down of area schools, and a “manhunt”. READ

Couple of thoughts:

  • it’s Olympia. In Washington. State. It rains there. Sometimes lots. People use umbrellas to keep rain off.
  • the locals freak out about an ordinary, everyday object and think it’s an “assault rifle”… so they call in people with real assault rifles.
  • the usual show of force and herding of the populace ensues.

The mind boggles.

It just occurred to me that the ice-scraper/snow-brush thing I keep in my vehicle will likely, eventually, be mistaken by one of these mental midgets as an evil assault rifle. Guess maybe I should stop storing it in the rifle case in my car.

To Help You Identify Evil

As I’ve said before, it’s in places that, sadly, most people can’t even comprehend. From the blog feed, something I’d marked a few weeks ago then forgotten about (hey, I got busy and all FOUR of my readers are getting this content for free, so learn to cope) was a gem from Kevin’s The Smallest Minority.

Go read it.

Evil is wearing the mask of the compassionate authoritarian-type who only wants what’s best for you, it wants you to be safe and secure, and it will work to kill you so nobody else can.

On Smart Phone Dependence

Quick show of hands: on the exceedingly rare occasion that you’re without your smart phone, does it make you feel naked? Or liberated?

Okay, you lurkers — you don’t need to respond.

Just try it, though. Leave your smart phone at home or in the car while you’re at work for a day.

Sometimes I’d like to drop my iPhone in a lake.