2014, RV Show #1

So, we made it to and through the RV show in Denver. The kids took it reasonably well, but they wanted to go inside -everything-. We had to keep redirecting them to “we’re looking at bunkhouses”.

What’s worse is that we did have to check out the innards of some specific makes and model-lines to see if they were suitable, but even though the display models weren’t what we wanted. So, from the kids’ perspective, we weren’t following our own rules.

Then we spotted, way back in the corner, a Sprinter 316 bunkhouse. Can’t link directly to this model’s page on the Keystone site (Why, Keystone? Why?!?), but a quick Google will yield some examples.

Keystone Sprinter WB 316BIK.

Big bunk room.

Nice kitchen with island sink and work surface. A nice overhead cabinet that we seem to have missed in some of the web research and that clearly isn’t indicated on the plans.

I do prefer an en suite bath, which this doesn’t have. To get a nice en suite with a half-bath for the kids, we’d need to look more seriously at fifth wheels. But those features put us in a weight class that requires a notably larger tow vehicle. So, a single full bath will be fine.

One thing with which I’m not at all impressed was their microwave/range vent combination as its installation really seems like an afterthought to an otherwise well-considered arrangement.

Let me explain.

It has a large kitchen with a good counter and workspace. But when they got to the mass-produced, mini-microwave, they stuck it inside of an overbuilt cabinet, under which they’ve slapped on the typical range light and vent hood.


Great island workspace with full-size sink, overhead cabinet with good light. But the microwave/range hood is so low that it looks like it’s on final approach for a landing on the cooktop.

The downside is that it leaves little vertical space for cooking. Even worse, if one tried to use it as-is, one will need to regularly slouch down to get a viewing angle on the pots on the rear burners… and I’m only 5’7″.

Methinks an early modification would be to find a competent installer to remove all of that nonsense and just put in one of those Dometic convection/microwave/light/vent units.

That one complaint aside, I think this could certainly become the next trailer to begin our full-time RV-living career.