Tow Vehicles… Again…

We test-fit the kids’ carseats into a 2000-model Ford Supercab and there simply isn’t enough room to get the feet in.

That’s a No-Go.

Then we test drove the 2004 crew-cab. We really liked the amenities, but…

  • the oil pressure circuit is bad. Fixable, but could take some time to pin down exactly what’s failed. Could just be a minor electrical issue. $ to $$
  • the muffler had been removed — potentially problematic for our current Emissions-Required area. And, while I do like the sound of a turbocharged diesel with no muffler, the rest of the household would like to keep their hearing. That’ll cost $$
  • engine was missing periodically; two fuel injectors were failing. I can replace injectors, for a cost: $$
  • on the test drive, shifts were soft and sluggish and the engine power seemed to have taken its own early retirement. $$$


So, we browsed the lot a bit more and Daisy asked about a 2002 Chevy 2500HD crew cab.

Only 106K miles, but had evidence of a 5th wheel hitch in it. Guess I should be flexible on my “requirements“.

Let’s recap:

  1. Miles < 250,000: Yes
  2. Fifth wheel use: Yes, but…
  3. Towing axles: Suitable

In this case, the mileage and the surprisingly good overall condition, and that it has an Allison transmission means that its previous life as a 5er isn’t quite as significant.

A test drive showed almost everything worked reasonably well, but I didn’t get a chance to get it on a highway. Still, we did a little haggling over the price and… we’ll have a new-to-us truck in a day or two if she passes Colorado’s emissions test.

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