It’s Up to Me?

Last July (maybe August) I bought an older, used 4×4 from a local, well-known car dealer. They knew I was on a budget and we haggled the price a bit. There’s more to the story (they kept trying to get me to use my cash for the outright purchase of a used car instead as a down payment on a new car… if I WANTED a new car and a hole to dump money into, then I’d have asked for it.)

Anyway, so I buy the car, drive it off the lot, runs fine. Everything is pretty much as I expect it. But why the hell did they want my email address before they’d hand me the key?

A week later… and every week since, I found out why: they keep sending me an email every single week asking me if I’m satisfied with my car and whether I’d thought about buying a new or used car from them… complete with glamour shots of their current inventory.


I mean, the way they’re carrying on, it’s as if their whole fucking economy is completely dependent upon my buying another goddamned vehicle.

Is it really up to me?

It occurs to me that they owe me a free “detail” of my used car every three months. Maybe I should take advantage of that… except for the fact that I’d have to wait around for it to be done and tolerate their continuous barrage of sales tactics.

Everything’s Fine

On account of Zombie Snowpocalypse 2011 ™ and the surprising number of employees working from home or just taking the day off because it’s, uh, snowing in Colorado, I’ll be working from work today.

Roads are completely clear and empty.

Zombie Snowpocalypse 2011 ™: Hey, that’s just how the media has been portraying this, the first storm of the season, so that’s what I’m going to call it. They got everyone worked into a frenzy so they’re now terrified to go outside. There were even runs on grocery stores yesterday while the citizenry panicked and bought up all of the perishable items. Alas, for the well-prepared and aware, even if it turns out to be 16″ of snow for the metro area like some talking head predicted, it’s just business as usual.