Weekender & Weather

Did a quick trip up to Jackson Lake State Park in northeast Colorado this weekend with a bit of fishing for some absolute monster carp.

Misplaced Odin’s PFD — but won’t replace it until I get a chance to look in the garage.

I also lost the ever-important 4-Way T adapter for the sewer line, so draining the tanks is a two-person job until it gets replaced.

We knew that Sunday would have a bit of wind and rain. We just didn’t expect it to be that windy and rainy! It started late Saturday night and kept going. Daisy commented this morning that it felt like we were sleeping in an airplane going through turbulence. And we were quite stationary.

Still, our proximity to the lake was fortunate — a few steps from the front door and we were on a wee beach:

Due to the worsening weather, we decided to just pack up early and head for home. Good thing, too, because it kept getting worse and worse. On the drive back, due to the severe headwinds, UPGRAYEDD had trouble staying above 55 in a few spots. I wonder how it’ll do with a trailer a bit more than twice as heavy.

Because we skipped breakfast, we thought we’d stop at Cracker Barrel on the way back toward home.

Never, ever stop at Cracker Barrel near lunch time on a Sunday. Ever.

RV parking? Ha! Those are some funny-looking, super-compact RVs, right there. What’s intriguing is that with one exception, every one of them positioned themselves precisely  in the middle of each RV space.

The wait was an hour, so we skipped it kept heading home.

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