Link Dump – Helpful Articles for RVers

  • What’s The Best State For Fulltime RVers When It Comes To Taxes? [read]
    As we’ve thought about relocating (back) to Washington, this was particularly helpful for us. Even the top-six is pretty promising.
  • 7 Tips For Mastering RV Parking & Backing Into Tight Spots [read]
    Maneuvering with anything larger than the family sedan has been hard for many people. I do have a couple of recommendations that I’ve shared elsewhere: 1) There’s no shame in taking a bus driving course (yes, really) to learn from an uninvolved party how to drive and maneuver large vehicles. 2) Never let anyone who doesn’t have a financial interest in your RV to help you back it up.
  • Best Tips For RV Trailer Parking & Backing Up [read]
    Same sort of tips as the previous article, but also a couple of video demonstrations.
  • RV Height Issues: Do You Know Your RV’s Clearance Level? [read]
    How tall is your RV? Are you sure? We travel with a Good Sam RVND7725 GPS, which is great because provided you set your RV height (and length, width, and weight), it will alert you to potential obstructions on your route.

All kinds of other helpful stuff over at Fun Times Guide if you sift through it.

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