Observations From The Latest Trip

  • The dual-battery config on the trailer did really well for the long weekend of boondocking. In fact, we could’ve gone several more days on battery power, even running the furnace at night to keep our little hybrid trailer above 55F.
  • We would’ve run out of fresh water before we run out of power; but still had about 20 gal. on board when we departed (used 25 gal.).
  • No nearby dump stations, so if we were to actually plan on boondocking anywhere, we’d need a waste solution (like a Thetford SmartTote or something).
  • The next truck will be an actual 4×4 for the extra terrain-traversing capability it provides.
  • Allison transmissions on diesel trucks are awesome. Except when you’re doing a long descent… without an exhaust brake.
  • The red-line on the 2002 6.6L Duramax is 3,200 RPM. The Allison transmission will dutifully shift down to 3rd while doing 65MPH.
  • The sound of a diesel V8 pulling 3,500 RPM is a little unnerving.
  • Add ‘exhaust brake’ to the list of improvements we’ll need to make… along with:
  1. canopy
  2. lift pump
  3. exhaust brake
  4. new tires (and full-size spare)
  5. replace trailer spare
  6. compact, quiet generator option

Yeah, there will be a few dollar signs.