Everything Must Go Part 4: How to Fold Your Clothes | Root Simple

While you’re busy downsizing, you’ll probably realize at some point you’ll have to still stow the things you have left into the smallest spaces possible.

One of the oft-overlooked or disregarded issues is your clothing and how much space is wasted by the typical way we fold our clothes.

Check out some of the Youtube videos of WWII-era foot lockers to see how soldiers stored a great deal of items in a very compact space. Alas, there won’t be any vintage videos, but here are a couple of enthusiasts who’ve recreated them for us:

Skip to 3:45 to see the interior.


Honestly, I think the lockers the lads had back in the 40s were nicer than the wall locker and three-drawer units we had in the late 80s.

Everything Must Go Part 4: How to Fold Your Clothes | Root Simple

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