Engaging Secondary Objective…

Arrived in Manzanita about 4pm on Sunday via I-5 through Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, then out to US-101 toward Elma, South Bend, & Chinook with a quick fuel stop in Astoria.

I’ve two work days to attend and then maybe take a few vacation days when we head back over to eastern Washington on Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to that trip because we’re going to work in a little side trip to see Mt. St. Helens in southern Washington along the way.

Here in Manzanita (actually closer to Nehalem), we’ve set up in Daisy’s mom’s driveway. The previous tenant had a concrete pad and RV service installed to accommodate their very large motorhome and toad in addition to the expansive driveway.

I’m lying in the trailer, listening to the drizzle and occasional splash of big fat rain on the tent ends over my head.

To the west about a mile and a half is the distant roar of the Pacific surf; from here, the sound of a delicate but eternal clap of thunder.

I think we’ll explore the coast tomorrow after work.