Adventures With Prius (Prii?)

There’s still stuff in storage, but we got most of the short term stuff out. Even had wheels rolling 15 min ahead of schedule.

On the way south, traffic was snarled badly by a Prius with Ohio plates doing 60 in a 75. We cruise at 61 or so. We passed him, but with a bit of extra diesel smoke.

A bit later, we stopped to pick up a few necessities at Camping World then hit the road again.

About 30 miles ahead, on a different Interstate, there’s another traffic snarl.

A Prius.

Doing 60 in a 75.

With Ohio plates.

Same. Driver.

18 Meters and 10 Tons

We don’t like overnighting in parking lots. But, when there are lots of miles to go and limited days to be someplace, our long travel days sometimes end at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel, or a Home Depot.

Tonight, it’s the Home Depot in Davenport, Iowa.

We’ll get Ohio on another trip, but we’ll pick up Minnesota on the drive to Sioux Falls tomorrow.

In other news, today was the first day pulling the new mega-bunkhouse. (Doing the final checks, in the rain, above)

It’s big.

Really big. (Side by side with the Jayco)

We’re nearly 60ft long now, and, at the moment, 20,000 lbs. – probably a touch over. We’ll be about 1,500 lb. heavier when we empty our storage unit.

The 2002 SRW/2WD Duramax does pull it, and at a reasonable speed, too. Though mileage would improve slightly if we set the cruise a bit slower.